Josh Island

Josh Island’s sound has been likened to a melting pot of John Mayer, Ben Howard, and Jason Mraz. Combining intimate singer-songwriter melodies with story-driven folk, a touch of jazz and warm soul-blues.

Starting out his career in the Luxembourg music scene at the age of 16, the Dutchman quickly gained recognition for his vocal presence, organic folk-picking and entertaining showmanship. This exciting blend has led him to support shows for an array of international acts, including Mighty Oaks, Hannah Epperson, Charlie Cunningham and Alex Vargas, perform showcases several festivals, and be invited to perform for the Royal families of the Benelux States. Award-winning roots musician John Butler quoted that Josh has “great voice and plays guitar impressively well.”

Now 21, Josh continues to refine his sound, crafting stories and melodic tones for audiences and stages wherever his young career may take him. Spot him solo throughout Europe on international stages and intimate living rooms, crafting an intimate and personal show experience. Josh’s debut EP ONE released March 2018, is the beginning of a long journey showcasing his mature personality and musical drive.


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Josh Tom

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Essex based singer-songwriter/producer Josh Tom makes folk orientated indie music, that touches upon pop & rock influences.

Inspired by artists such as Bob Dylan & David Bowie, he found his love of the guitar at an early age, through none other than Guitar Hero. Deciding to ditch the controller for a real life Fender, at 15 Josh developed his craft & soon began writing his own material.

These Guitar Hero Bangers were in the style of heavy metal & were presented under the extremely angst-y moniker Silent Voices Kill. Josh then ditched the eyeliner for drama, and at 19, the young musician attended Canterbury University to train as an Actor. Recently graduating with first class honours, Josh was drawn to the world of music once more, creating his debut album Homemade, which was recorded in its entirety in the dining room of his Chelmsford home. Packaged in Josh’s DIY artwork, Homemade tells tales of student life, camping trips & political songs that really speak to a generation.


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There’s something funny taking place on The Breaking Out Stage late in the evening.

When the last strains of new-found music have faded away and the imposing images of future rock gods are already a waning memory, the day is not over. For Mischievous Merchants of Mirth steal into the abandoned marquee and hawk their wares to any fun junkies and chuckle addicts searching for a hit of hilarity. The Fiasco Comedy Lounge is not for the humourless, the humdrum, the prudish or the prudent – it’s a place for the foolish, the fearless, the facetious and the frenzied.

Two nights of garrulous gags, senseless capers and whimsical ruminations from Adam Joyce, Phil Osborn, Andy Andozka, Kahn Johnson, The Unmistakable Scent of Leopard Rob Saunders, Thom Barret, Liam Sullivan, Carl Denham and special guests, will shake your beliefs and question your sanity.

Check the board at the Breaking Out stage for times and line-up for Saturday and Sunday evenings only.


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LongDayLateNight are a “raw power” indie band from Reading with a passion from stadium anthems. Consisting of Toby Davies (vocals and guitar), Jack Knight (guitar), Fraser Cox (bass) and Louis Tyson (back vocals and drums), they’ve been together for 2 years now.

Having brought 2 EPs, with their first single and debut music video Who Broke The Tree? who have seen major interest from BBC Introducing and record labels such as Columbia Record and Animal Farm. Other notable people who have been interested in them and are currently working with LongDayLateNight are Kieron Pepper from The Prodigy, and producer John Gallen, who’s most renowned for working on Bohemian Rhapsody. Defined as “tropical indie at its finest”, they are ready to take over this new year ahead which will see many new works and gigs, including their next release recorded at the Metropolis Studio in London




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