Stretch Soul Gang

Stretch Soul Gang

Excellent showmanship, inch-perfect falsettos, soothing basslines, and a great set of songs like the tunes Ain’t Got No Money and Sharks at the Wheel prove that Stretch Soul Gang are one of the most promising acts in the East.








Having signed with Magick Eye Records Flutatious are now working on their 4th album with renowned producer John Mitchell at Outhouse Studios. They will be bringing some new tunes to Cosmic Puffin this year along with the old favourites. It has been said that Flutatious will have you dancing like a paper bag in a wind tunnel. With many other great festival bookings in 2016 Cosmic Puffin will be their first of the year and is always one of their favourite shows.

Listen to Flutatious 333 a call to arms by billforwell #np on #SoundCloud

@ Cosmic Puffin 8 (2015):

The Majestic

The Majestic

The Majestic are a London based 5-piece band with a unique brand of roots-rock reggae delivered in a whacky visual sing-a-long style. The present lineup has been together since late 2010 but their roots spread much longer.

They play at a number of festivals including Cosmic Puffin, Boomtown Fair, Sheffield Tramlines, Penn, Summer Breeze and Summer Saturnalia to name a few. The season culminates with headlining the Zion Festival in Malta.


Ghosts Of Men

Ghosts of Men

In the Autumn of 2014, a freak musical collision forced Ghosts Of Men to become but two.

This is the fallout; a truly massive guitar sound and huge groove laden drums mixed in with seductive vocals make for a musical experience that is at the same time as fresh and new as it is dirty and as old as time.

Dripping with funky, sleazy riffs and primal choruses, less in this case really does mean more.


Unity Division

Unity Division

Unity Division is a lively fun silicone-free Rock-Punk-Folk-Ska band from south-east London, writing their own material blending raw, sensuously electrified acoustic energy! 

Serena leads with an exciting vocal tone, brick-wall guitar and a visual feast of onstage mid-song costume changes.

Dru has a pure, sweet voice melding his haunting vocals with the dichotomy of angular rhythm guitar and a little thunderous bass noise.

Vince Cullen the drummer dishes out massive kicks and interesting beats.


Space Hopper

Spacehopper create live dance music. We play a fusion of styles: Up-Beat Electronic Dub, Uplifting Trance, and Acid-Tinged Techno.

Spacehopper are: Chris who uses synthesisers, computers and machines to produce the core sound alongside Darren playing driving bass guitar and Goz with his rhythmic percussive skills.

Our first release of the ‘Sounds and Colours’ Single on Magick Eye Records hit the ‘Number One’ spot on the Beatport Charts. It was featured on iTunes Germany and in Record Collector Magazine. Flutatious included a Spacehopper remix on their recent EP release. Our second release of the ‘Trancendance’ single on  Magick Eye reached ‘Number 7’ in the Beatport Trance Charts. We have an album planned for release during 2017.

We are Spacehopper and we hope you enjoy our music

Sounds and Colours – our first single release which reached Number One in the Beatport Download Charts.

Our Second release Trancendance which reached number 7

Trancendance Live:

Slim Pickings

Slim Pickings

Slim Pickings consists of 7-8 people who have little to no money, drawn together by their distinctly empty pockets and their collective love of reggae music and, soon enough, a band was formed. Sometimes something just feels right, this wasn’t one of those times but they did it anyway! Rehearsals were missed and debts were racked up, cables broke and pedals packed up, but despite all adversity Slim Pickings came out stronger than ever, with their own unique style of energetic feel good reggae they turn anywhere they can afford to get to into a party.

People have said things like ‘That was cool’ and ‘I loved it’ but it’s up to you to make your own decisions. Based in Leigh-On-Sea they take their influences from all over the reggae spectrum, from local legends like Dane Glasby, to Gentleman and The Skints. They are currently perfecting their set and taking any gig they can get. This is reggae as rootsy as it gets with a rap twist. Lee Perry would be proud.

Slim Pickings