“anarchistwood aren’t a screeching anti everything band, they take that hippy/punk union of subversive chaotic love and peace and ally it to a musically proficient and tight sound that can veer between out and out punk to a Gang of Four funk or a Zappa style shift of rhythm. Add to this a clever use of sound bites and vocals that switch between anger and beauty, and you have a whole record that is bigger than its parts.” Mark Ray at Louder Than War


Supercharge are a three piece rock band with an alternative edge to our sound.
We’ve been likened to anything from Nirvana to Pink Floyd.
With the imminent release of our first album we’re looking to gig and get our sound out to the people.
We play a mixture of original songs and classic rock covers.
Come on out and have a night of rock

The Voodoo Tweed Cult of Your Mum

Have you ever wondered what the solo to The Final Countdown would sound like played on an accordion? What about if Slash was to strap on a violin and play the solo to Sweet Child o’ Mine whilst Izzy knocked out the main riff on a mandolin? A high octane blend of folk polka and punk guaranteed to raise an eyebrow and a smile

Adam Whichever

Cynical, satirical & political folkpunk songs from an ex Phat Bollard member

Stuart Turner and the Flat Earth Society

Stuart Turner and the Flat Earth Society are not actually a Flat Earth Society. They are a rock and roll indie skiffle hardcore singersongwiter beat combo from the Medway Towns in Kent. They have merged the soundtrack of their lives with the sounds inside their heads and written the songs you wished you had heard before, sung with the ground glass vocal conviction of someone who feels every note. They have just finished recording their 6th album

Twitter: @stfes
Stuart Turner and the Flat Earth Society



T-bitch is a glorious musical cocktail, born from minds that were fed up with being defined by their gender and sterile music ruling the charts. T-bitch are part transvestite punk, part Riot Grrrl, part laugh your knickers off sing along.

T-bitch want to be free of social expectations and stereotypes, they don’t care what you think, they just want to shout, have fun and be pretty!



Muddy Summers & the Dirty Field Whores

Muddy Summers & DFWs

What started as a collaboration project among a bunch of crazy folks who mostly met in festival fields has now transformed into some sort of band. The line-up depends on who’s about. Having tampered with a cross-section of genres, these days they’re described as lairy folk by lairy folk. ‘Gail’s voice is sweet and haunting, with a strange inflection that seems to combine toughness and vulnerability in a way that’s hard to pin down. The mood shifts constantly, ice and fire, rage and graveyard humour.’ – Mal Content

Ghosts of Men

Ghosts of Men

Primal auditory whirlwind architects Ghosts of Men are a 2-piece noise from Essex. This is their story: In the Autumn of 2014, a freak musical collision forced Ghosts Of Men to become but two. A truly massive guitar sound and huge groove laden drums mixed in with seductive vocals make for a musical experience that is at the same time as fresh and new as it is dirty and as old as time. Dripping with funky, sleazy riffs and primal choruses, less in this case really does mean more.

‘Big Black Dog’ by Ghosts Of Men will be released online and in physical form in the very near future.

Nicely heavy, dancey, two piece alt-rock from Essex. Regulars on the festival circuit. Known by many many other names. In Spain they call them ‘Los Hombres Fantasmas’, in Germany ‘Die Gustermen’. In the Something Else Tea Tent, simply ‘Goat Semen’. Or worse.

Ghosts of Men

Ghosts of Men