Cosmic Puffin 12 ( 2020) – Cancelled !!

“We are very sorry to announce that that this year’s Cosmic Puffin festival has been cancelled.

Although Rusty and myself were watching the situation and discussing daily the implications of the dreaded Corona virus, in the end the decision was taken out of our hands by Essex County Council who have decided to cancel any large events at the camp in-line with government advice.

We will offer a full refund to anyone who has bought a ticket and wants their money back but any ticket already bought will be valid next year for Cosmic Puffin 2021 if you want (and can afford) to hang on to it until then.

Once again, sorry everyone, but it is what it is and, let’s face it, in the greater scheme of things, having to wait another 14 months for ya favourite festival is no big deal really.

See you all next year, we will be back,

Rusty and Jamie xx