Eastern Family Services (EFS)

Eastern Family Services (EFS) are a small, independent fostering agency providing fostering services in Essex and Suffolk. We work hard to place local children who can no longer live with their natural parents into local fostering families. Just like our children, our carers come in all shapes and sizes but the number of children needing a stable home continues to outstrip the number of homes we are able to offer. Therefore we are working hard to bring more foster carers into our fold.

EFS is different to other agencies partly because of our size: we know our children and our carers very well and work diligently and passionately to support them; and partly because of our child driven approach: we take great care to place our children with the right carer for them (and vice versa).

Website: www.easternfamilyservices.com
Twitter: @EFS_lucy
Facebook: Eastern Family Services

Eastern Family Services (EFS)Eastern Family Services (EFS)