Kids Area

This year Cosmic Puffin will be a one-dayer only. Only the Cosmic stage will be on.
But please read on about the wonderful people who create Cosmic Puffin’s Kids Area!

Gunpowder Gertie and Mosschops return to Cosmic Puffin along with the infamous Art Cannon and their rag-taggle band of merry men and women. Come take part in The Greatest show on Earth created by you, the festival folk!

Man, woman, cat, dog, and child – everyone is welcome to share the joy at Green’s Traveling Solar Stage.

Workshops will run throughout the day using recycled materials with a Mother Earth inspired theme.

New for this year at Cosmic Puffin is The Uncivil Rest Area, complete with riot shields, protective head wear, and water-filled buckets and sponges. Pitched battles will run throughout the day – form alliances and choose your enemys: Child vs Adult, Squirrel vs Llama, Turnip vs Pterodactyl.

Be set for major shenanigans and high end  mischief at the Hoi Polloi, a travelling landship navigated by Gunpowder Gertie and Colonel Mosschops. We look forward to welcoming you aboard!
Gunpowder Gertie is Emily Green who works in character at family orientated events throughout the country. Providing a source of entertainment and small scale installation for anything from parties and workshops, to event planning.
Colonal Mosschops is Jonny Buffalo: a man of many faces. Creative tinker and showmanny master of nonsense and folly, Jonny has worked but is not particularly keen on it! However, in a previous lifetime he has set up large installations at festivals from Shambala to Bestival and a whole lot more in between.
Jonny and I have a particular fondness for all things Puffin. It is a true grass-roots festival, full of home grown talent and raising awareness and funds solely for its chosen charities. It’s by the sea and full of the magic that happens when people come together to do something good.

In association with Gunpowder Gertie, The Buffalo Tank and Mechanicle Menagerie.