Josh Tom

Essex based singer-songwriter/producer Josh Tom makes folk orientated indie music, that touches upon pop & rock influences.

Inspired by artists such as Bob Dylan & David Bowie, he found his love of the guitar at an early age, through none other than Guitar Hero. Deciding to ditch the controller for a real life Fender, at 15 Josh developed his craft & soon began writing his own material.

These Guitar Hero Bangers were in the style of heavy metal & were presented under the extremely angst-y moniker Silent Voices Kill. Josh then ditched the eyeliner for drama, and at 19, the young musician attended Canterbury University to train as an Actor. Recently graduating with first class honours, Josh was drawn to the world of music once more, creating his debut album Homemade, which was recorded in its entirety in the dining room of his Chelmsford home. Packaged in Josh’s DIY artwork, Homemade tells tales of student life, camping trips & political songs that really speak to a generation.