Madras Café

Back in 1993 AVI* supporters Chris Wilde and Bryan Osbon took a small tent and an old VW bus to WOMAD music festival in Reading and started selling chai and peddling AVI leaflets.

Madras Cafe food

As our festival catering has developed significantly over the years, so has Madras Cafe, driven by the enthusiasm of its growing band of cooks and volunteers. Madras Cafe is now the trading name of Sensetrade Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of AVI with its own board of directors. The chair of Sensetrade is also a member of the AVI Board and reports to it.

Over the years Madras cafe has thoroughly depended on the unflinching enthusiasm and skill of its merry band of cooks, its multi-talented site crew and its expanding army of choppers, servers and pot scrubbers. We always welcome offers of more help and hope the fun will continue into the future!

Action Village India

*Action Village India (AVI) is a UK-based charity working for change in rural India for 28 years. India’s rapid economic development has left hundreds of millions of people untouched and has destroyed the homes and livelihoods of millions more. It is those marginalised people that AVI’s partners work with, in the Gandhian tradition of nonviolent action, to right economic and social injustice.

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