Swing Gypsy

Thomas Bond aka Swing Gypsy mixes a wide variety of music but his passion is electronic swing! Jazz, Blues, Gypsy / Balkan music. Swing Gypsy has played at many festivals including Maui Waui, The Frolics, Symmetry, KONNECT Festival, Spectra festival, Glastonbury and many more small events run in the local area! Tom is a self-taught non-laptop DJ, who loves anything with a vintage style remix, so keep your ears pricked for everything electro swing stylee!

Welcome back Swing Gypsy! You’ll have those Mad Hatters bouncing on the dance floor again to you at Cosmic Puffin 11!

Listen to Swing Gypsy here: https://soundcloud.com/tom-bond-3
and here: https://www.mixcloud.com/Tbdnb/