There’s something funny taking place on The Breaking Out Stage late in the evening.

When the last strains of new-found music have faded away and the imposing images of future rock gods are already a waning memory, the day is not over. For Mischievous Merchants of Mirth steal into the abandoned marquee and hawk their wares to any fun junkies and chuckle addicts searching for a hit of hilarity. The Fiasco Comedy Lounge is not for the humourless, the humdrum, the prudish or the prudent – it’s a place for the foolish, the fearless, the facetious and the frenzied.

Two nights of garrulous gags, senseless capers and whimsical ruminations from Adam Joyce, Phil Osborn, Andy Andozka, Kahn Johnson, The Unmistakable Scent of Leopard Rob Saunders, Thom Barret, Liam Sullivan, Carl Denham and special guests, will shake your beliefs and question your sanity.

Check the board at the Breaking Out stage for times and line-up for Saturday and Sunday evenings only.