The Scoobs

Formed in 1991, The Scoobs are a band your should really check out over the weekend. This is a group of experienced musicians who describe their music as a ‘world grooves fusion’. That’s a term used to cover a multitude of sins, but in their case it means that you might hear hints of funk, calypso, reggae, high life, merengue, afro-beat, ska and probably a few more besides.

The Scoobs maturity as a band is key to strong deep groove playing, of the kind that leaves space for the dancers to move into, rather than spelling the rhythm out on every beat like a demented typewriter. The bands material comprises mainly original compositions, although there are some more tribal sounding feels with lots of percussion (and some didgeridoo), and some well chosen covers. The latter ranged from a well worn but effective warhorse like ‘Low Rider’, to the rarely revisited classic ‘Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again)’.

The band celebrate their 25th anniversary this year and will be in full on party mode. Don’t miss them.

world grooves fusion