The Mersea Island Youth Centre site opens to campers from 4pm Friday 29th April and will close at noon on Monday 2nd May 2022

The site is well equipped for visitors of all abilities as the Festival is held at an inclusive outdoor activities centre – check out their website for details:
Essex Outdoors – Mersea

If you need assistance in order to enjoy the Festival, we are happy to provide a free ticket for a carer to attend with you. Simply purchase your own ticket and let us know the name of your carer (using the disabled info contact email). You may need to provide proof of your needs.
We will also provide a disabled car park permit for guests with mobility issues.

campsite map


We here at The Cosmic Puffin like to think of ourselves as a family friendly tribe where we all care about each other and help each other out when needed. Below are some basic rules that have to be applied to comply with the Youth Camp’s policies.

1. Any dogs on site MUST BE kept on a lead. Dogs may be walked on the beach. You must pick up and dispose of your dog’s poo whether on site or on the beach. We do not want to risk losing this site next year due to dog poo.

2. Fires are not encouraged on the Youth Camp but any fires or BBQs that are lit MUST be off the floor and at least 3 meters from any tent or flammable objects.

3. Anyone caught on site openly and flagrantly taking drugs will be asked to leave and will not receive a refund on their ticket.

4. Fire lanes must be kept clear of all obstructions for health and safety purposes. Fire lanes cannot be moved.

5. No vehicle movement on site whilst the festival is in progress unless authorised or in extreme emergencies, in which case permission will have to be granted from the info stand.

6. No public parking on site. Only crew may park on site. All public (apart from those with disabilities) will be asked to park in the car park and walk their belongings to their chosen pitch.

7. Please respect your neighbours and keep sound levels down between 10pm-8am.

8. Any aggressive behaviour may result in you being asked to leave immediately.

9. No crossing into any area that has been marked out of bounds by red and white hazard tape.

10. Cosmic Puffin cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to persons or personal property.

11. Children and teens (under 18) must be in the company of at least one responsible adult (6 youngsters max per adult) at all times.

12. Please clean up your litter. Black bin-bags are available at the Information Area.

13. Smoking is not permitted inside buildings, marquees, tents, or near the childrens’ areas.

14. If a fire breaks out please assemble at the nearest fire muster point and then move on to the beach.